• Ordering Instructions

    • If you have any allergies or dietary/religious concerns please call and inform us before ordering. Thank you.

    • Appetizer

    • Antipasto Misto


      This traditional Italian appetizer platter comes with prosciutto, capicollo, salami, provolone, bocconcini cheese and kalamata olives. Served with fresh Italian rolls.

    • Baked Italian Meatballs


      5 Italian style meatballs topped with our signature sugo sauce and finished with pecorino, parmigiano, mozzarella cheese, baked and served with an Italian roll.

    • Bruschetta


      Our signature pizza crust topped with diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, onions and fresh herbs seasoned with special spices and extra virgin olive oil.

    • Southern Italian Dish


      A stirfry of sausage, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and special spices. Served with a warm Italian roll.

    • Tony's Italian Pretzel


      A twisted creation using our famous pizza dough topped with anchovies, fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil and special spices.

    • Zuppa Minestrone


      An authentic italian vegetable soup with a medley of beans, dital pasta in a tomato base.

    • Salads

    • Chef Salad


      An original classic created by Tony himself! A blend of sweet roma tomatoes, fresh basil, green and white onions, bocconcini cheese and extra virgin olive oil. (GA)

    • Insalata di Casa (House Salad)


      Our special house salad consists of fresh lettuce, sliced black olives, onions,  feta cheese and tomatoes tossed with our own famous house vinegarette. (GA)

    • La Pasta

      All pasta dishes and sauces are made fresh and include an Italian Roll Add $4.00 for gluten-free pasta. (Spaghetti or Penne available)

    • Cannelloni al Forno


      Stuffed tubed pasta filled with veal, parmigiano, mozzarella cheese baked in our famous bolognese sauce.

    • Fettucini Carbonara


      Prosciutto, black olives, onions and back bacon sauteed together with egg and topped with Parmigiano cheese.

    • Lasagna al Forno


      Three layers of homemade noodles, beef, pork, fresh mozzarella and topped with our Pomodoro sauce.

    • Linguini Vongle In Bianco


      A savory white wine sauce filled with baby clams, freshly chopped parsley, and garlic.
      Add Baby Shrimp - $4.50

    • Penne Arrabiata


      A spicy marinated tomato sauce, green peppers, black olives, and garlic.
      Add Italian Sausage $4.50

    • Penne Sambuca


      This signature dish features italian sausage, summer fresh roma tomatoes, and garlic nestled in a marinated tomato sauce infused with Sambuca and finished with parsley.

    • Ravioli Pomodoro


      A traditional sugo simmered to perfection over four cheese filled ravioli.
      Add Italian Meatballs $4.50

    • Rigatoni/Gnocchi Bolognese


      A hearty meat sauce that will satisfy your appetite along with your taste buds.

      Add Italian Meatballs - $4.50

    • Spaghetti Aglie Olio al Peperoncino


      A true Italian classic with minced onions and garlic in a blend of olive/hot pepper oil with chili flakes.

      Add Italian Sausage - $4.50

    • Spaghetti Marinara


      A marinated tomato sauce with sweet, fresh basil and roasted garlic. (Molto Bene)

      Add Italian Meatballs - $4.50

    • Spaghetti Mediterraneo


      One pound of mussels in our caper tomato sauce with cherry tomatoes, parsley, and garlic served over spaghetti.

      Add Shrimp - $4.50

    • Tortellini Alla Panna


      Our version of alfredo sauce over veal stuffed tortellini.
      Add Chicken $4.50

    • Award Winning and World-Renowned Pizza

    • Edmonton's first and finest New York-style pizzas are made with fresh zesty homemade tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese. Create your own masterpiece, or choose one of our award-winning specials. 

      One Topping          M: $16.50  L:$18.50  XL: $21

       Two Topping                     M: $19  L:$21  XL: $24 

      Three Topping               M: $21.50  L:$24  XL: 27

      Additional Toppings
      $2.5                           $3                                  $3.5

      Specialty Toppings
      $3.5                         $4.5                                $5.5

      Tony's Toppings
      Homemade Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Salami, Meat Balls, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Olives, Fresh Hot Peppers, Anchovies, Shrimp, Pineapple

      Specialty Toppings
      Prosciutto, Capicollo, Feta, Bocconcini, Mozzarella Cheese, Casalingo, Arugula, Kalamata Olives

    • Tony's Famous House Specials

      No Substitutions Please

    • Alla Pescatore

      A Seafood sauce combined with anchovies, clams, and shrimp on our famous crust, then baked under the cheese.

      M: $29  L:$32  XL:$35

    • Capricciosa

      Marinated tomato sauce. mozzarella, capicola, mushrooms, kalamata olives, and artichokes.

      M: $26  L:$29  XL: $32

    • Jim's Special Sicilian Pizza


      Two layers of toppings: Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Shrimp, Bacon, and Garlic.
      24 Hrs notice to prepare. Takes 2.5 Hrs to make.

    • Margherita

      Fresh basil, parmigiano, marinated tomato sauce and mozzarella.

      M: $21  L: $23  XL: $26

    • Marinara

      A marinated tomato sauce, anchovies, garlic and special spices (no cheese).

      M: $18.50  L: $20.50  XL: $22.50

    • Marios Special

      Prosciutto, capicollo, artichokes, and capers.

      M: $26  L: $29  XL: $32

    • Napolitana Pizza

      A marinated tomato sauce base with anchovies, garlic and special spices topped with mozzarella cheese.

      M:$21.5  L:$23.5  XL:$25

    • New York New York

      Mozzarella, Double Dry Cured Pepperoni, Garlic Spice

      XL: $31.5

    • Palace Special

      Mushrooms, pepperoni, garlic, green peppers, sausage, meatballs, onions, and salami.

      M:$29  L:$32  XL:$35

    • Peter's Special

      Bacon, mushrooms, pepperoni, onions, and extra cheese.

      M: $24.5  L: $27.50  XL: $29.50

    • Pizza Bianca

      Mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, Parmigiano, pecorino cheese, basil and olive oil.

      M: $24  L:$26  XL: $28

    • Pizza Rucola

      Baby arugula, marinated tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, Parmigiano and fresh prosciutto. **

      M: $26  L:$29  XL: $32

    • Rustica Calabrese

      Casalingo salami, kalamata olives and pepper. 

      M:$25.50  L:$28  XL:$31

    • Sal's Deluxe

      Our world-famous and most popular pizza! Prosciutto, capocollo, marinated tomato sauce and bocconcini cheese.

      M: $28  L: $30.50  XL: $33

    • Square Sicilian Pizza


      12" x 16". Choice of four toppings.
      24 Hrs notice to prepare. Takes 2.5 Hrs to make.

    • Vegetarian

      Green peppers, onions, fresh tomatoes, black olives, garlic, mushrooms and feta cheese.

      M: $24  L: $25.5  XL: $29

    • Original New York Style

      The Classic! Mozzarella cheese and Tony's special spices (extra large only)

      XL: $25

    • Dinner Entrees

    • Bistecca ai Ferri


      lO oz cut of AAA Grade NY striploin beef, charbroiled to your liking and served with your choice of pasta or mixed green salad and an italian roll or garlic toast. (GA)

      Add Sauteed Mushrooms $3.5

    • Chicken or Veal Parmangiana


      Your choice of veal or chicken infused with flavoring breaded then baked with mozzarella and served with your choice of pasta of the day or a mixed green salad or garlic toast and an italian roll.

    • Coste al Forno


      A full rack of broiled barbequed baby back pork ribs with our signature BBQ sauce spiced to perfection and served with either pasta of the day or a green italian salad with either an italian roll or garlic toast.

    • Petti di Pollo alla Griglia


      Two grilled and specialty seasoned boneless chicken breasts served to you with a mixed green salad & italian roll. (GA)

Olives may contain traces of pits

** Ingredients subject to seasonal availability

(GA) Gluten Aware. May be exposed to cross-contamination