• Bartender's Features

    • Countess

      Patron, OJ, lime juice. Shaken over ice and served neat with grenadine.

    • GodFather

      Glenfiddich and Amaretto Di Saranno. Served over ice.

    • Kir Royal

      Prosecco, Creme De Cassis.

    • Lemoncello Cocktail

      Lemoncello, Bombay Gin. Served over ice topped with soda.

    • New York Sour

      Maker's Mark, lemon juice and sugar. Shaken over ice topped with red wine.

    • Saratoga Fizz

      Wisers, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and egg white. Served on the rocks and topped with soda.

    • Side Car

      Stock 84, Cointreau, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shaken over ice.

Weekly Drink Specials

    • Monday

    • Long Island Iced Tea

      Vodka, Triple Sec, Gin, Rum and Cola

    • Tuesday

    • Angelo Azzurro(Blue Angel)

      Gin, Cointreau, Blue Curacao and a twist of lemon

    • Wednesday

    • Caesar

      Vodka, Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire and a twist of lime.

    • Thursday

    • Bellini Cocktail

      Traditional Italian Bellini made from prosecco & white peaches and raspberries

    • Friday

    • Wine Spritzer

      Your choice of either our red or white house wine with soda

    • Saturday

    • Barcelona

      Cointreau, Red Wine and Lime Juice

    • Sunday

    • Bocci Ball

      Disaronno Amaretto, orange juice with a splash of sprite